Panic disorder with agoraphobia What is this?

Both panic disorder and agoraphobia affect millions of people worldwide. Perhaps you one of them?

Although both diseases are primarily driven by social factors, as they are related to stress, there are still people in less developed social environments that continue to suffer.

Panic disorder is an intense feeling of general nervousness that can contribute immediately to physical symptoms such as chest pain and a feeling of suffocation, or have the palms of his hands turned into sweat as well as racing heart and Ansiedad or skipping heart beats.
Panic disorder is caused by the demonstrations in mind those thoughts of fear, stressful situations or places that make them feel uncomfortable.

It is also to be noted that there are certain foods, drugs and medications that can trigger panic attacks in people. In particular foods or drinks that contain stimulants like caffeine in coffee and soda. Also, smoking cigarettes, taking prescription drugs, or the illegal use of drugs and herbs, such as snuff pot, taking methamphetamine, smoking crack and other drugs can also cause people to have anxiety or panic attacks .

Agoraphobia can develop when the fear of another panic attack limit the person going to the same places where they may have experienced an anxiety or panic attack. The person may develop such powerful fear of having another panic attack unexpected will completely avoid these places may have had a previous episode as a shopping center, driving a car, or visiting a family member or friends home.

So, what happens is that the person can be removed introverted and especially if they have repeated episodes of a panic attack. The person will feel more comfortable by establishing what they consider their safe zone where they feel protected, like your own home or bedroom, living room or a place that brings piece and quiet in your mind.

Unfortunately panic disorder and agoraphobia may have a long composition that affect people’s psychology and personality if not treated soon.

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