Otoplasty Complications, Risks and Dangers

The otoplasty procedure, while considered minimally invasive, has some risks associated with it, but most are extremely rare. You should be aware that the procedure involves an incision in the back of the ear and then some work on the ear cartilage. This cartilage work can be a removal of a small piece of cartilage or simply folded over.
Regardless of the technique used, the cartilage was sutured in its new position and the incision is closed.

While ear literally has millions of tiny capillaries in the same, no major arteries. Therefore, bleeding is very, very rare complication associated with otoplasty procedure. It is still possible to get a seroma though as this is nothing more than a simple accumulation of fluid under the skin and can be easily remedied by the drainage of fluids.

The most common side effects of otoplasty surgery is any surgical procedure. There is the possibility of bruising and swelling. Of course, these disappear within seven days of bruising and swelling is only part of the body’s natural reaction to any type of trauma. And the medical profession believes that any surgery-related trauma.

The important thing is that the bruising and swelling associated with otoplasty surgery usually disappear at about the same time you or your child would see the surgeon to have the sutures removed. That’s less than sutures used were those of the disposable type that is becoming more popular these days.

There is still an increased risk associated with otoplasty surgery you should be aware of. The latter risk is, of course, the possibility of developing an infection. It is very important to constantly monitor its temperature during the recovery period as the first symptom of infection is a fever. By making sure that yours will closely monitor your child or temperature, you can diagnose a possible infection quickly enough to resolve with the use of antibiotics time.

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