One Of The Main Causes of Acne

Many people are affected by acne, and there are many theories about the causes of acne. Some say that because of its fat, others say it’s because bacteria infested under our skin. The causes of acne are a topic debated, with many dermatologists coming up with new theories on the causes of acne.
Some myths about the causes of acne are poor hygiene, have sex and eat pizza because of acne, the latter with a joke that says you eat pizza pizza face. If that’s the case, I see like a chicken if Kentucky Fried Chicken is my favorite dish?

Bacteria are one of the causes of acne? Yup! Hyperactive sebum production causes of acne? Yup! There are many causes of acne, you should do?

Hormonal imbalance! Yes, that is the root of the causes of acne. Research has shown that for many severe cases of acne, hormonal imbalance is the root cause. The reason why the adult female population density with acne is 25 more than the adult male population density is due to the hormonal imbalance due to monthly periods and pregnancy changes.

When a sudden change in your body’s hormone levels, there will be hormonal imbalance. With hormonal imbalance, your body will produce chemical called insulin. An increase of insulin your body plane causes excess production of sebum to your body. Therefore, the main root of hyperactive sebum production is due to hormone imbalance.

And if you think that the use of products that clean skin off sebum on the skin heals acne, they are wrong. You’re just cleaning the effects on acnee you have not removed all acne. Your oily skin will remain the back acne and still return.

But if you try to balance your hormones, which is the big boss of your acne problem, have oily skin, first at all. Two options to clean away excess sebum and balance your hormones and not even have oily skin. The prevention or cure, you can choose one that best suits yourself.

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