Obesity - The Next Generation

Let’s look at a typical family. Mom and Dad get home tired from work, the children are sitting in their rooms on the computer or video game consoles munching crisps and chocolate bars and drinking fizzy pop. Mom some dishes pizza oven and chips for tea, mom and dad sit in front of the telly, while children return to their games or computers.

Does that sound familiar?

With the pressures of work and home, as well as the rising cost of living has become the norm.

Stop and take a look at your family, are you killing?

I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. Not only are you not ensure that their children have a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, but you are denied an education. It’s not like school education, but an education in life. It’s your job to make sure that their children receive education in healthy way to cook, eat healthy and get enough exercise. If not, how can you teach your children and their children so that the epidemic will grow.

If the above scenario sounds like your family and then stop thinking about how to change your life.

First you need is change the diet, cut out the fatty foods and make sure your family eat enough fruits and vegetables. It’s simple to create healthy meals in a short space of time, even if your not a good cook. Search the net and you will find thousands of ideas that are heathy great recipe, quick and cost.

Then make sure to cut children’s intake of junk foods like crisps, chocolate and fizzy pop. Try to encourage eating more fruits and drink more fruit juice instead.

Get the kids involved in preparing meals that will help them understand how to prepare food, as well as creating a good family gathering where you can discuss the day.

Finally, it is necessary to limit the amount of time children spend watching television or computer, make sure you have regular exercise. This need not be a set routine just for playing outdoors children exercise and fresh air. Better still encourage their children to join a club doing some kind of sport, this also give children a sense of belonging, as well as teaching teamwork.

Remember that the changes will not be easy to apply to start with as you probably some strong resistance they face. Stick with it and in a few months you will definitely see a positive change in their family, we will all be healthier and displayed.

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