Obesity In Usa And Its Treatment With Hoodia Gordonii

What is obesity? Obesity is a disease that affects nearly 60 million people in the SUA and most of those affected are women.

It is a fact that more than one third of women who are ages 20-74 are obese. Since 1960, the number of obese people increased because more and more pre-packaged food and less physical activities, so you end up having a lot of obese people in the SUA.

Many people think obesity is when a person is overweight, but is that the real issue. A person is overweight when the person has a surplus amount of weight that includes bone, fat, water and muscle, while an obese person has excess body fat. A woman is obese when you have more than 30 percent body fat and a man is obese if you have more than 25 percent body fat.

Knowing the fact that obesity can add to your health diseases, you have to do something to fight it. How can you fight against obesity? You can fight it by finding healthy diet can help you lose weight without any harmful side effects.

One of the herbs that are known without side effects hoodia gordonii is. Kalahari Hoodia gordonii came from South Africa, is a cactus like plant with a bitter taste. This plant was used by the tribe when out for hunting, this plant can suppress their hunger and thirst. This plant can starve your hunger and dehydration, so for them, this plant is truly effective.

For centuries, this plant has been in existence, but it was only a few years ago when this plant was discovered. Actually, it takes a few years for experts to consider this plant and conducted a conclusion that has an active compound called P57. This hoodia gordonii is available in tablet, liquid and even chewing gum in the forms.

Actually, this is so popular, but has been on Oprah, CBS, NBC, sixty minutes others, it is a popular method to lose weight.

Because of its popularity, more and more manufacturers are producing hoodia gordonii are fakes. Yes, you heard right, there are counterfeit products out there, so you have to be careful in buying one, you have to assure you that you will get real.

How can you get the money? There are ways for you to get real, keep reading. for certifications such as CITES certificate that proves to South Africa. Do not hesitate to ask the company about certifications, as it can help you determine if you are getting the real or not.

Do not be tempted with the product being sold very cheap ccontradad, note that the real hoodia are quite expensive, so stay away from cheap.

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