Natural Skin Care - How to Find ladies who are Damaging Your Skin Each and every day

There is a whole industry that caters to moisten, smoother and younger looking skin. What if you can get these kinds of results without any kind of lotion or treatment to all. Well there is a way, stop taking a shower.

Sounds kind of crazy does’nt? Now I do not mean to stop taking a shower together, but stop taking the type of shower you are taking now with municipally treated water. The type of water from the tap is supposedly clean and healthy so you can drink and shower in Believe me that the water coming out of your tap is totally toxic and completely filled with hundreds of chemicals that do not belong to your body or your skin.

It is a question of fact to take a shower in the toxic waters may be even more dangerous to health because water is going through your pores and you are breathing through their lungs. This may have potential side effects for people suffering from asthma. I could go on dangerous health effects toxic taking a shower, but you can do your own research on this topic.

Now let’s return to your skin.

It is well documented that chlorine dries the skin and is the chemical that is most abundant in tap water. You may even be able to smell the chlorine in the water. I can not even name all the chemicals in the water there are hundreds. And if you notice that the water is heavier than filtered water, due to chemicals.

All this goes on your skin making it dry, less smooth and less healthy. Therefore, if you are wondering why your skin is not as easy as you’d like, that’s why. People spend millions in skin care lotions and treatments fighting a losing battle. When all you have to do is take a clean shower. So the question is how? Well, I’m glad you asked.

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