Natural skin care from the seafood

Despite sirens have enviable legs above the waist is reputed to be very beautiful – long, silky hair soft, luminous skin. While you may have difficulty believing the legends about these mythical creatures, there is good reason to believe that if women do not live in the sea that made light complexions. The sea is one of the most abundant sources of skincare nutrients and anyone who prefers natural skin care consider adding some of these to your cabinets.

Seawater and sea plants are among the most fruitful sources of natural skin care nutrients. The balance of nutrients is very similar to human plasma, and many of the elements at sea plants are vital for healthy skin and hair. Each type of sea plant contains different ingredients and each has different properties.

Kelp, also known as Lamanaria digitata, is very high in silicon. It is excellent for dry skin care and wrinkle skin mcontraene and low.

Algae, derived from seaweed, is a great detoxifier and is often added to bath salts for further cleaning. It is also a natural moisturizer, good for dry skin care and is reputed to prevent wrinkles.

Dulse – Rhodymenia palmata – has natural emollient and moisturizing properties and is especially good for oily skin.

Bladderwack is high in various minerals and sea salts and is used to cleanse and refresh the skin. It is also ideal to tone and stimulate the cells.

Network provides carrageenan seaweed, also known as Irish Moss – an excellent emollient and good for natural skin care, regardless of skin type.

Algae, basic – no fancy names – is also known for its detoxifying properties and is a favorite for oily skin.

The use of seawater, sea minerals and marine plants is common in many therapeutic settings. Known as Thalasso therapy (from the Greek word thalassa, sea), spas around the world often use sea products for skin care and prevention of cellulite. These treatments are very relaxing and tend to get rid of aches and pains.

You do not have to be a mermaid to take advantage of what Mother Nature has provided. Good skincare get the results you need and improves overall health in the process.

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