Natural Remedy For Panic Attack

Many people ask me if there is a natural remedy for panic attack sufferer. In fact there are several resources that can help anyone overcome panic attacks, and some are simpler than you might think.

1 Year

The exercise has proved to be one of the greatest forms of freedom for anxiety and stress.
Simply passes 30-minute walk every day will help keep panic attacks at bay.

As you probably know, a panic attack that causes a sudden increase adrenaline. By making a jog or walk you are effectively burning off this excess adrenaline before it has a chance to take hold in the form of a panic attack.

2. Remember happier times

See photos of a holiday in a time when you do not suffer from panic attacks. It could be a few years ago, but try to get back to the mentality of how he felt at the time. What felt like it was worry free, located in the tropical sun on the beach. Not a care in the world. When trying to invoke memories will help you control your panic attacks.

3. Control your breathing

Controlling your breathing will help you control your panic attacks almost immediately. Try to breathe in and out and hold your breath for 4-6 seconds

4. Focus on something

Try and focus your mind on something else. You may want to try counting backwards from 100 while closing her eyes. You can listen to some relaxing music, or watch a funny movie. Do what you want to get away from the situation that causes panic attacks.

5. Watch what you eat

People who are prone to panic attacks are often very sensitive to caffeine. It is best to avoid coffee and chocolate. There are many options out there decaf.

Make sure you get lots of fruits and vegetables. Pineapple, nuts and avocados are especially good because they help the body to produce chemicals that make you feel better about yourself.


There are many natural remedies for panic attacks. They come in the simplest of ways, but when combined can make a significant difference in the intensity and frequency of panic attacks.

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