My Top 10 Nicotine effects on the body - 10 Reasons To Leave

I feel a bit like David Letterman today, the way he always makes the top ten lists of your television. Unfortunately this is no laughing matter, as I am about to present effects of smoking 10 cigarettes having an impact on the body. If you are a smoker, please read this article and keep in perspective what smoking is doing to your body.

1. Yuck! The classic smokers cough. If you have smoked for a while, you should know exactly what I’m talking about. Coughing is your body trying to get the poisons out of your body.
2. Yellow Fingers: This is just gross. Cigarettes turn yellow fingers containing it. It is unavoidable.
3. Stained teeth: Most smokers with your smile mouth shut. This is why. Teeth whitening only provides a temporary solution.
4. Lack of energy: If you think you do not suffer from this problem, you do not believe what you feel as if you quit. Is incredible.
5. Circulation problems: Smoking puts great pressure on your arteries and reduces blood flow. No good.
6. Shortness of breath: Smoking reduces lung capacity, and you catch your breath all the time.
7. Dry Mouth: This is something that continues to worsen over time, and is a terrible feeling, especially when you first wake up in the morning.
8. Dizzy Spells: Since oxygen and blood does not flow as it should go around your body, you are likely to get these. Great huh?
9. Issues complexion: Smoking makes your skin was faster, which is bad, bad news!
10. Taste: Smoking causes gradually lose their ability to taste buds. Food does not taste as good as it use to, not smell?

Smoking actually a number on your body, I hope they keep in mind the next time you light up.

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