Middle Age Women - Acne Gone!

For women who have suffered with acne since their teens and continue to suffer through adulthood. The middle-aged women have heart! Acne is gone! It will be your time to finally ditch the acne. But in the meantime what causes women to deal with acne for so many years?

Hormonal imbalances are primarily responsible for acne in adult women, and God knows we women have a lot of hormonal imbalances! PMS, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and all affect our hormones.
We spend half our life in the hormonal rollercoaster. And the roller coaster ride comes the dreaded acne.

If that’s not enough estrogen and testosterone imbalances can easily occur from stress or medication. Something as simple as having an IUD device or taking Depo Provera, both methods of birth control, can lead to acne.

When hormones are out of balance your body produces more sebum which is any oily secretion of the skin. This clogs the pores and causes the dreaded zits.

Some women have a pimple until they hit their thirties. Talk about a shock. This usually happens when they decide it’s time to go off the pill. The birth control helps balance hormones and for many who mcontraene acne at bay. Therefore, it can not be that they were never immune to acne just been so long that you never would have realized that grains.

Some vitamins can also cause acne. Vitamin B and vitamin E creams are known to cause acne break outs. Moreover, taking zinc orally has shown positive effects to eliminate acne in studies.

There are other conditions that are often confused with acne. Conditions such as acne rosacea, keratosis, or perioral dermatitis are often confused as acne. If you’re not sure what it is about making an appointment to see your dermatologist.

There are three main reasons why adult women suffer from acne the acne antibiotics and vitamin A.

Long term use of antibiotics leads us to develop a yeast infection which lowers the body’s immune system and defenses which can result in acne.

Treatments of Vitamin A as Retinol-A are double edge sword. Initially it can cause outbreaks, but over time will effectively remove the damaged layers of the skin including acne scars, as well as get the skin to form collagen that give you younger looking skin.

Interesting by the time women reach their mid 40’s that can almost be garcontrazada to become acne free. It is believed that our female hormones have mellowed some by then, and not on the hormone rollercoaster. This is a welcome change for many women!

If you are younger you just need to find a acne medicine that works and wait for her to arrive mid 40s. See something good about being over 40.

The main thing is to not let your acne control your life. There are plenty of treatment options to treat and only persist until you find the one that works!

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