Medicinal herbs to relieve anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is defined as a natural reaction to stress, while sudden feelings of overwhelming fear describe episodes of panic attacks. Although regarded as normal and manageable emotions, I encounter enormous panic and anxiety greatly affects a person’s ability to function efficiently in carrying out routine activities.

Anxiety and panic attacks are among the typical nervous system disorders that most people choose to bear alone, while only seeking qualified medical care to treat the condition.
But why let the feelings of anxiety and panic ruin your life? Moreover, why not undergo treatments that help relieve symptoms and discomfort that come along with these nervine disorders? There are natural treatments available if you are worried about the possible side effects of antidepressants drugs.

For many centuries, herbal remedies have been used in the care of the traditional natural health systems to provide relief to nervous tension. Today, modern medicine has taken into account the therapeutic properties of herbal extracts and homeopathic substances, including to facilitate behavioral and somatic symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks survey in its active compounds and confirmed as a probable alternative to the MAOIs, SSRIs and beta – blockers.


Lemon balm tea traditionally given to calm the mind. For ages, people have relied on extracts to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders and herbal teas were willing to treat headaches and nervousness. Their bioactive compounds – flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins, triterpenes and contain antioxidants and anti-hemorrhoidal properties that are relevant in the healing nervine conditions. The herb induces relaxation of the ways to curb anxiety and irritability.

Lavender on the other hand, is considered the ultimate relaxation herb. It contains linalool and ethyl lavandulyl active ingredients that help relieve stress. Linalyl acetate, an anti-inflammatory known to effectively relieve pain nervine, it is also present in extracts. Lavender extracts are traditionally used to relieve stress, headaches and fatigue. As a tonic, it strengthens the nervous system against episodes of exhaustion. Meanwhile, in aromatherapy, the herb is used to clear mood of depression while inducing sleep.

Passion Flower is another herb that contains a boost of flavonoids known for its anti-anxiety effects. Traditionally administered to relieve nervous anxiety, the herb has been found to lower blood pressure as a way to promote relaxation to the body. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the herb can help relieve neuralgia and as antispasmodic, Passion Flower relieves nervous tremors and jolts associated with panic attacks.

Standardized herbal supplements

In keeping with its natural components, the body adapts easily to the active compounds of herbal remedies and therefore promotes healing without ensuing negative physiological consequences. Today, herbalists have emerged uniforms herbal supplements for anxiety and panic attacks, such as PureCalm, which have been made from the combination of experts lemon balm, lavender and passion flower extracts, and prepared in a concentrated tincture format comprehensively promote the normal functions of a healthy nervous system. The use of herbal supplements as PureCalm to calm nervous tension during the day will give you peace that perfectly well that has been longing for all the time

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