Is there some type of Creatine Monohydrate Side Effect? Or is a highly effective supplement?

There has been much controversy regarding the effect creatine monohydrate side effects. Are there? There are many problems associated with creatine actually caused by this supplement? There are those who claim that the effects include muscle cramps, liver problems, and kidney problems. There have been rumors that creatine has an impact on blood pressure.

Fortunately for bodybuilding community, none of that is true. There was a three-year study in relation to demand that caused muscle cramps, muscle spasms, and pulled muscles. During this three-year study, with football players as subjects, it found that none of these claims are well founded, but all positive about the use of creatine is again demonstrated.

A four-year study was made on the same subject, in the same period, with 26 athletes as subjects, and once again, the results were the same. Creatine plays no role in muscle spasms cramps, or pulled muscles. The most recent study was reported in 2004 in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, with the same results. The report also indicated that any adverse effects associated with creatine are rare, but also said that the side effects are commonly diarrhea and nausea.

Claims that prolonged use of creatine that damage the liver and kidneys also dis-proven through long-term research. What research has found, however, it is that it is important to drink plenty of water – especially if you are using this supplement. First, the failure to stay hydrated results in muscle cramps, but in this connection, undissolved creatine causes abdominal discomfort and pain.

To date, there have been numerous studies in different lengths, of which five days of study, nine studies in the week, twelve weeks of studies, three years of study, and five years of study with the use of creatine supplements. The results of each and every one of these studies found anything that contributes the use of this supplement muscle cramps, muscle spasms, muscles, decrease or deterioration of liver function, decreased, increased, or the damaged kidney function were removed, or even bad effects on blood pressure. In fact, of all the studies carried only three people have had serious side effects, including diarrhea and nausea.

This does not mean that isolated incidents of side effects have not taken place outside of those studies, however cases are so few and so rare, there is no documentation relating to them, other than by word of mouth reports. As such, to avoid the effect of creatine monohydrate side effects, most experts, scientists, doctors and advise anyone with pre-existing liver or kidney problems to avoid use of this supplement. What this means for you is that you really have to not worry about effects of creatine monohydrate side effects at all, and you can go and enjoy the many benefits of this safe and very effective bodybuilding supplement.

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