Is There Really A Relationship Between Quit Smoking And Weight Gain?

It is an interesting fact that many people hesitate to quit smoking because they are truly afraid to gain weight, your mind will follow. Many prefer to be inhaling a cancer causing agent and some toxins 4000 several times a day with a couple of inches around your belly or thighs. But is there really a link between smoking cessation and weight gain and if so, what is the scope of that relationship? Being overweight is not healthy for you should be worried about if you are considering an attempt to quit smoking? And if there really is a connection, how bad is it?

It is true that for many people really is something of a relationship between smoking cessation and weight gain that many have stopped smoking found that have put on a few pounds and after having trouble removing this weight too.
What causes a person to have quit smoking gain weight and how you can avoid if at all?

Understanding why quitting smoking and weight gain are connected is the first key to avoid this problem. Most people who quit smoking have severe anxiety and feel they have a very nervous hands, which means we need something in your mouth to calm cravings and something in his hands to keep them busy as used for cigarettes . What better way to accomplish these two things to eat? In addition, because most who quit smoking are jittery and anxious because nicotine cravings, they found that eating helps calm down. When we eat the body releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormones. Therefore, for most, the connection between smoking cessation and weight gain is that all they do is replace the snuff with food. No chemical process in your body that makes you put on weight from the moment they deprive themselves of cigarette smoke itself, but is its own habits that cause this.

Once you understand this connection between smoking cessation and weight gain can be better prepared to avoid if you quit. Many smokers are also very sedentary since smoking is difficult physical activity, and this also makes the difficult weight off. If you prepare for the snuff and weight gain connection that can make a plan about what they have snacks from home to end your cravings without making you overweight and do plan on adding exercise to your routine also .

And remember that while overweight is unhealthy, smoking is much worse. Therefore, although there is a slight relationship between smoking cessation and weight gain is obviously worth the time and effort it takes to avoid this and quit anyway!

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