Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

The extent, quality and speed of weight loss depends on the constitution of individual patients. Although the results of weight loss program may have some general guideline, can not be universally applied.

Some people can achieve rapid weight loss resort to drastic measures such as continued hunger strikes called fasting, taking pills for weight loss, diuretics, liquid diet and tortuous process of colon cleansing, as well as methods of self- punishing exercise regimes.

But the question is if rapid weight loss is possible and, if achieved, is sustainable for a long time? Is the medically recommended rapid weight loss?

Being overweight affects a person’s heart and circulatory system. Obesity also causes edema and hypertension which can lead to stroke. No doubt, therefore, that everyone wants fast results since overweight causes numerous health problems. But you can not go for one of desires. One should go by what is medically right, healthy and viable.

For example, take the case of the use of diuretics. You can flush out virtually all excess fluid from your body, taking diuretics. It should be noted that while it does, you are flushing out the much needed potassium along with other waste. Unless recover this loss of a right supplement, you are more likely to dehydration especially during the summer. You can therefore trade your obesity with an equally serious problem.

Another method used is often colon cleansing as an easy way to get rid of the increasing weight to your body. It would be unwise use colon cleansing without medical advice. Besides his body is still retaining the diabolical excess fats that cause obesity.

Fasting for weight loss is recommended as physical-spiritual method of losing excess weight. Actually fasting can be helpful on the first day of his campaign weight loss by reducing your stomach down a bit. But still fasting, your metabolism slows down to compensate for the sudden physiological changes. Above all, the weight comes back as soon as you give up fasting. It has also been reported that some people add a few pounds to its pre-fast weight table.

As is clear from the above examples, rapid weight loss is still an ad trick that is used to make a quick buck firing up the imagination of fatsos gullible. The best way is to show a cute figure with an excess of one of yesterday. The truth is that there is no magic pill that eliminates the extra flesh in a matter of days.

The best solution for sustainable weight loss is to change the lifestyle, food and work habits. You must include the physical work or exercise, yoga, meditation and so on in their daily lives.

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