Injection Stop Smoking - Is the answer to quit?

In the land of instant gratification, the idea of going to the doctor, get a shot and then go home a nonsmoker sounds great. Actually it sounds too good to be true. So it is?

For over a decade, there have been shots available that are supposed to help you quit.
They started out using scopolamine and atropine injections. The new version uses Scopolamine and Atarax. It is marketed under the name SMART Shot.

Scopolamine is most commonly used to treat dizziness, intestinal colic and to dilate the pupils during eye exams. At present it is being investigated for its potential use alone or in combination with other drugs to help people to break the nicotine habit. Side effects include dry mouth, throat and nasal passages, thirst, blurred vision and sensitivity to light, constipation and difficulty urinating.

Atropine is made of the deadly nightshade plant and can be poisonous. It is used to treat heart extremely low rates of heart failure, as an antidote for some poisons. Its side effects include dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, loss of balance, dilated pupils, confusion and hallucinations.

Atarax is an antihistamine used primarily for the treatment of itches and irritations, to reduce nausea and pain weak as a murderer. Side effects include: sleep, dizziness, ringing in the ear, low blood pressure, dry mouth and constipation.

Now the way these drugs are supposed to help you quit, do not know. And apparently neither does the FDA. The site sells the SMART Shot says SMART Shot is a new and improved smoking cessation shot consisting of a combination of two drugs that have been around for over a decade and are approved by the FDA for other indications to leave of smoking . At first glance it seems that this is an FDA approved product. But read the text closely and you will see that the site states that the two drugs (Scopolamine and Atarax) are FDA approved drugs. (And they are. ) However, the FDA does not approve the drug for use as a smoking cessation product. (Which is not. )
But how does it work? In short – you know. SMART shots claims a 70-80 success rate, but do not back up their claims with all data or show some proof in the form of clinical trial results.

Meanwhile, the trial is underway in a shot called NicVAX quit. It is a vaccine that is supposed to make the immune system creates contracuerpos that bind to nicotine and prevent it from ever reaching the brain.

So maybe someday there will be an injection of quitting known to actually work, but for now there seems to be.

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