Ingrown Pubic Hair - Causes, Solutions and Treatment

As the summer and bikini season arrives, so does the prevalence of ingrown pubic hair. This is often caused by shaving, waxing, or hair cut too short way.

These practices change what is normally a conical, flexible in a hair dryer with a blunt, strong object.
Therefore, when this comes to hair grow, it can irritate and aggravate the skin. In defense, dead skin covering then entraps and hair constructed. Eventually, the hair curves around and grow inwards and backwards instead of his body outside.

The result can be any of razor bumps, pimples, or severely infected ingrown hairs normally looks angry and red, filled with pus, and very painful.

Add in the fact that often the bikini or underwear rub right in that area, and these ingrown hairs can be a serious drawback and painful situation. Not only that, are remarkable Pubic Hair and that’s probably not the look they were going for when you wax or shave first.

Some people have this problem without shaving or waxing. Pubic hair, by its nature, is thick and curly so that sometimes this hair texture can irritate curve inward and grow without any help or encouragement. No matter the cause, however, the treatment is the same.

Ingrown pubic hair treatments or solutions: Treatment depends on how severe the problem is. Of course, the best way to treat this is to prevent them in the first place. Try to cut out as much of the hair as possible before shaving or hair removal so that you can go with the grain. Prior to these proceedings, gently exfoliate the area to remove dead skin. (Softly, it is the key word here. If irritate the skin, you only make the problem more likely. ) There bikini pads made just for this purpose.

If you only have razor bumps or an area that is not angry or infected, there are creams and lotions formulated to dissolve and gently exfoliate the skin that is entrapping the hairs. Examples are Princereigns and Nisim Kalo.

If you have a deep or infected ingrown hair, you may need to obtain it. First, a warm place, clean wash cloth in the area to see if this opens the pores and release the hair. Try this over a period of half an hour or jump into a sauna or jacuzzi.

If this does not work, tweezers specially designed to gently remove hair. (I like the Tweezerman model. ) These allow you to gently penetrate the skin, hook and uncurl hair, gently pull it out. Reshave not fly over the area. Start the hair in place. Try to avoid tight clothes if you can and calm with a little aloe vera gel or anti-inflammatory lotion.

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