Information About Gastric Bypass Surgery

The purpose of gastric bypass is surgery to reduce the stomach and allow foods to avoid small intestine and even decrease the absorption of nutrients from food. As a result, the issue of gastric bypass surgery anterior feel there was enough food. At the same time both the amount of food and the reduced number of calories with the ultimate weight loss results.

In order to understand why gastric bypass is important and can benefit from it we must understand the process of digestion. During digestion is the food passing through the stomach into the small intestine where most of the calories and nutrients are absorbed. In the next step the food enters the large intestine undigested debris is removed. At this point, the digestion is complete.

The most popular gastric bypass surgery method involves creating a small stomach pouch to curb food intake stapling a small part of the stomach. After that, part of the small intestine is attached to the stomach pouch. The aforementioned small intestine is Y-shaped To secure the pouch surgeons are using special titanium staples.

It is important to know that gastric bypass surgery can be performed both in a traditional style, through open and laparoscopic surgery. Personally I think the laparoscopic method is less invasive and offers faster recovery. If in case of traditional gastric bypass surgery recovery lasts three to seven days, in case of a laparoscopy is the recovery within three days. In both situations the patient may feel some discomfort and the doctor may prescribe some medications to manage this discomfort.

As side effects of gastric bypass surgery should mention nausea, weakness, excessive sweating, and diarrhea. These side effects occur shortly after food intake, due to the fact that food is going very fast through the stomach and intestines. They do not last long, but if swallowed calorie foods get symptoms worsened.

It is noteworthy that this fairly new technique addresses overweighed persons who have not been successful to lose weight no matter what diet or used the exercises. For these people gastric bypass surgery reduces the number of health problems they suffer.

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