Increase Libido - Shilajit

Since time immemorial man has been looking for various methods by which it is able to increase his libido to achieve the unlimited pleasure. Shilajit, one of a potent herbal supplements that has been used for years to increase libido and increase your body’s resistance. Charka author Maharishi Ayurvedic medical book Charka Samhita has mentioned Shilajit as one of the greatest aphrodisiac herbs.
Even all the ayurvedic male health definitely contains Shilajit strengthens them. One can imagine the extent of Shilajit benefits that its reference can also be found in love book Kamasutra

The following are the benefits of Shilajit

1. Shilajit increases libido.
2. Shilajit increases endurance and stamina in men.
3. Shilajit is considered as an herbal supplement that increases the resistance in the body. It is also helpful to rectify the male genital tract problems.
4. Shilajit is responsible for increasing sperm and the ccontradad.
5. Shilajit is also known by normalizing hormone balance in the body which causes it to perform in the best way when necessary.
6. Shilajit also makes our body strong and supplies of energy that is necessary to perform the act of love and relationships.

Fulvic acids

Shilajit is an Ayurvedic supplement based on plants that are known to mankind since ages. Shilajit is a rasayana and is a powerful Adaptogenic agent that is part of many ayurvedic classical preparations.

Shilajit when seen chemically consist of more than eighty five different minerals with a good amount of fulvic acids in them. This is the action of these minerals and fulvic acid that supplies Shilajit with the properties it owns.

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