How will fold their last pack of cigarettes and never light again!

What is a smoking addiction?

A smoking addiction means a person has formed an uncontrollable dependence on cigarettes to the point where stopping causes anguish!

Why smoking is more difficult to overcome than other addictions?

Well, some proponents of the addiction disease model would have you believe this is directly related to chemical dependency effects nicotine has on the brain.

It is true that nicotine is a psychoactive drug with stimulant effects on the electrical activity of the brain. And, it also has a calming effect, especially in times of stress.
But that’s not why it is harder to overcome for most. You see, all addictions, smoking is a habit that for the most part has been socially acceptable. In other words, you do not have to hide to have a cigarette! This fact alone makes it more difficult to overcome.

However, the key is to realize that nicotine has a calming effect on the mind. As with all addictions smoking merely diverts people from their emotional pain! While stresses of everyday life can aggravate the situation they are not the main cause of emotional pain that needs to be calmed. Generally, underlying emotional trauma caused by family dysfunction is at the root of addiction. This emotional trauma batters the self-esteem and confidence levels, which reduces the ability to cope with everyday stresses.

Therefore, if you want it to crumple to his last pack and walk forever, you have to get to the bottom of emotional pain and anxiety that causes calm that consumption of snuff.

Take a moment to ask a couple of Dejar De Fumar What has caused anxiety you need to calm with the consumption of snuff and smoking, why do you feel better?

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