How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

To quit cold turkey quitting means all-at-once. That is all. Ends here and now.
If you want to be very precise about it, it also means that you are not using any aids, such as nicotine patches, gum or the like.

And, like any smoking cessation programs, their ability to quit will depend on your sincerity to end your smoking habit – forever. This article is for those who need to quit . . . now.

Their mentality

As stated above, you need to have you committed to quitting immediately. Not win this time, it is everything. So please quit making the initial decision. That’s the easy part. Now is the time to prepare physically.

This is the time to start eating better

You know, right? Having a good balanced diet and your body work better. Eat some fruits and vegetables, taking vitamin B-12 (check with your doctor first! ), Drink a glass of orange juice a day and this reduces cravings when you quit cold turkey.

Remember to drink about 6-8 glasses of clear, fresh water, too, as this flush your body of toxins smokers every year! (Yes, initially, you have to go to the bathroom a lot, but your body gets used to the water coming into your body will get used to it and you will not have to go as often. )

Many people think they have to keep active at a time of quitting. This is not like this. You need not be busy all the time.

However, you do need to get your body slim and toned. And exercise is the best way to do this. A high level of exercise is great to release feel good endorphins in the system. You will feel better, have your mind off smoking, and is much easier to quit cold turkey.

Have your support system in place

Without a good support system, it may be harder for you to quit cold turkey. Therefore, plan. Contact your family, friends, and even some online support groups. These groups are filled with many people who are trying to stop your smoking habit. They will help you on your journey to become smoke-free snuff.

The success or . . .

Unfortunately, when you try to quit cold turkey, not always work. Perhaps, you may need extra help and some herbal pills or patches (no nicotine ones) to get through difficult times. Whatever it takes, right?

Remember, if you really want to quit, and you have your own, you can quit cold turkey!

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