How to Eliminate Your Acne And Have Fun At The Same Time!

Have you ever wondered why we have acne and even more on how we can get rid of acne? Like a bad tenant, acne does not pay you rent, nor contribute anything beneficial to your life. However, the opposite of destroying your skin and worst of all, your self esteem and social life!

Well, before embarking on this simple method to destroy your acne for good, we need to know your enemy. There are two main causes of acne and the rest are secondary.
Before we can deal with them, we have to understand what they are and how they affect us.

First, the acne is caused by an imbalance in the production of hormones. When you were a teenager, your body began to produce a hormone known as androgens, which activates and stimulates the sebaceous glands of the skin, therefore, oil and increased production of sebum.

Logically, the limited size of each pore and the constant influx of sebum, clogged pores obtain and can observe the presence of blackheads and pimples. As that spreads through the skin, it becomes known as acne vulgaris.

Stress in this case acts as a catalyst rather than a cause. But do not underestimate the damage of stress. It can worsen acne a person has.

Our secret weapon in eliminating acne lies in the seawater. Seawater is formed with a balance of mineral salts such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. These forms of minerals are vital in their respective forms of treatment for acne.

Magnesium reduces stress and water retention, hampering aging and soothes the nervous system. Calcium prevents water retention while increasing the circulation.

Potassium balances skin moisture level and replenishes minerals lost in vigorous activities. Bromides relieve muscle stiffness and tension, thus eliminating stress which is an important factor that contributes to acne. Finally, sodium is a trigger for immune system function. These act as a natural defense of the body against any acne breakouts.

So how can we apply the power of the sea water and exercise to your acne condition, the answer is simple. Just head down to the nearest beach and have a swim! The only thing you need to be careful of is sunburn. So just go early in the acne acne a. m. to acne a. m. or evening at acne pm to acne pm.

You may start to notice the effects of this treatment after his first swim! And you will be amazed at how your skin has become soft. The more vigorous your swim and the more you sweat, the more your skin will be cleaned. This is a dual action cleansing as your sweat pushes the impurities in your skin, which by the way is not blocked after the sea water washes away the debris! In addition, the minerals in seawater penetrate the pores to do some deep cleaning of the skin, while everyone is having fun swimming! Read our blog about other interesting topics, in addition to Natural Acne Treatment!

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