How to Cure Your Acne Fast Using new techniques Revolutionary Acne Treatment

Are you completely sick and tired of having acne? I was sick of this terrible disease after suffering for over 10 years and right in all my time in high school (the kids can be so mean with their nicknames! ) However, there is absolutely no need for you have to suffer from this problem for much longer – these days there are exciting, new super-fast methods to treat acne make sure they never return. These techniques pose no crazy magic tricks that are saturated. The only trick is helping to find an acne treatment that works just as well for you way.

Although this sounds very basic, the problem is that most acne sufferers do not understand that acne treatments work for others may not necessarily work for them. To be acne free, it is vital to choose a program of acne treatment that is based around their specific skin type. Acne can be caused by these three things (but more likely of them all together at the same time) –
Clogged Pores – Excess oil and dead skin sloughing clogged pores
Bacteria – Bacteria and clogged pores combine to produce inflammatory acne like whiteheads and pustules.
Internal problems – things like poor diet, smoking and stress the body will reduce welfare and lead to a worsening of acne and acne treatment making it much harder. There are also a number of hormonal problems that lead to acne also.

There are different ways to quickly and easily remove all these factors contribute to this by the use of acne treatment.

But first, you must determine what type of acne sufferers in order to treat it properly. If the grains are more like bumps that are not red and inflamed (sore) and then your acne is caused by clogged pores. If the grains are big, red and painful to the touch color and eventually develop whiteheads then your acne is caused by bacteria problems and clogged pores. You will have to find an acne treatment that fights both clogged pores and bacterial infection.

Finally, if your acne is rooted much deeper in the skin and prone developing painful cysts and scars then the problem will have much to do with poor overall health within the body. Although doctors can prescribe powerful drugs to combat this type of acne, with proper care use natural methods of treating acne you may even eliminate this problem.

For those of you whose skin is prone to the development of small bumps due to clogged pores (the first type of acne you’ve described) I recommend using a low concentration of salicylic acid from 2.5-5 as an effective acne treatment. Use this once a day in combination with an oil-free moisturizer that will not clog pores. Also, use a gentle cleanser that is pH balanced to avoid excessive drying of the skin and making the problem worse.

Combating bacteria may be more difficult but there are basic steps you can take. These include things like do not touch your face during the day, changing your pillow every night, using a washcloth and using a pH balanced cleanser. Although these are not the most effective ways of treating acne that they have a noticeable effect. The biggest problem is to get rid of the bacteria to a level that will not cause acne is almost impossible without the use of harsh chemicals.

If your skin is too oily then use an acne treatment that helps reduce oil production. One of the most important things to do is make sure you do not over-dry the skin as this may lead to further oil production. Taking vitamin B-5 as these pills have been shown to reduce oil production of the skin and help prevent more acne breakouts.

Finally, those of you with very dry skin have to use a moisturizer that does not clog pores and is preferably free oil. It is also vital to drink large amounts of water as this will help keep your skin supple and maintain proper humidity level – the water is indeed one of the best acne treatments available.

The most important for effective acne treatment step is being aware of what type of acne sufferers, as well as what its causes are. Only in this way can never cure your acne fast!

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