How to Cure Emphysema At Home

The doctors told Amy Winehouse, a popular singer Dejar De Fumar Today it has the status of pulmonary emphysema. Amy Winehouse has emphysema, make no mistake it’s serious. In addition to the recommendation of quitting, doctors have also warned about your nutrition program as well.

For emphysema, doctors have told Amy Winehouse

– Keep a moderate-fat diet, with emphasis on health, such as omega-3 from omega-3 fats like fish oil fats have been linked to reduced lung cancer.
– Reduce sugar levels in the blood and keep them under control. This can be achieved by eating fibrous carbohydrates like oatmeal, compared to traditional carbohydrates like bread and pasta. Since insulin is the only hormone that can control directly, the winners of the Grammy Awards, the doctors have told you to keep your blood sugar low blood that will keep your bodyfat under control and emphysema.
– Go short term fasting diet to cleanse the liver and kidneys of any toxins that may be present. Cleanses the liver is the first thing anyone with emphysema should seek to do. Nutrients such as green tea, NAC and grapeseed extract all the fantastic hectares research skills there cleanse the liver.
– Eat plenty of foods containing vitamin A and E. In general, you will find that that yellow vegetables like squash and yellow peppers are the highest amounts of vitamin A and E, but can also be obtained through nutritional supplements as well.
– Doctors have also advised her emphysema Amy deal with supplements such as vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, copper and flaxseed oil.

Garlic is another food supplement and that any person with emphysema should pay attention. Not only garlic anti-bacterial, but also increases the health of the liver and liver helps clean the toxins. Any smoker will have more estrogen ccontradad made man in his body. Now, when the liver attempts to detoxify estrogen makes it quite disgusting some toxins. This is not a good thing. Therefore, on top of the healthy antioxidants such as vitamin E, green tea and wing, garlic helps cleanse the liver and treat the progression of emphysema.

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