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Deafness is the state of the inability to listen to one or both ears. Deafness can be caused due to certain diseases such as meningitis or medication use that self-toxic in nature. Exposure to excessive noise conditions can also cause hearing loss.
It can also be inherited, occur naturally from old age or may occur due to complications at birth. Most of the hearing impaired and hearing problems can be prevented if preventive measures are taken in the right time.

Hearing is different. According to the degree of damage that are classified as temporary and permanent. Temporary hearing loss occurs due to various reasons. They can be caused by ear infections. Any damage to the external ear or middle ear can lead to conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss prevents people clearly recognize speech and other sounds. Presence of a foreign formation fluid in the ear can cause conductive hearing loss. This can be treated with the help of medication and sometimes with surgery.

The most common case of hearing impairment is sensorineural hearing loss. This occurs when the inner ear get damaged due to an infection. This can also happen with the malfunction of the central auditory nerve. This is a permanent type of hearing loss that is incurable with drugs. But patients suffering from sensorineural hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids using the form available on the market.

A wide range of hearing aids available on the market. Different types of hearing aids available on the market ranging from analog to digital systems. These help capture the sounds, amplify and transmit it to her ear. They contain a microphone, amplifier and receiver for this purpose.

Analog and Digital hearing aids

In analogue analog circuit plate it is equipped. The degree of hearing loss is evaluated and the hearing aid is programmed accordingly. Adjust the volume controls are also present on the computer. Compared to analog, digital hearing systems provide great flexibility in terms of programming. Digital hearing aids come with computer chips that allows the system to automatically adjust the sound received, allowing you to enjoy the clearest sounds.

Hearing aids may pick up after a continuous use. This can damage the output of sound amplification. Debris can be cleaned by Aura care cleaning methods. This improves the sound quality and also increases the life of the hearing aid.

The use of certain aids hearing protection can reduce the risk of getting hearing.

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