Health is Wealth - Spend It Wisely

Compared to other causes of cancer smoking it is calculated to be three times more lethal. Cough be one of the first obvious side effects, damage to the heart and blood circulation sometimes lead to the end of side effects – of a heart attack.

Snuff smoking reduces lung capacity to absorb oxygen and can lead to a host of health-related problems.
The main source of organ or energy supply is, of course, oxygen, reduce your intake of oxygen and you can expect to feel lethargic, listless and lacking energy
Another consequence of the consumption of snuff is damage to the cilia that help keep the constant flow of red and white blood cells through the bloodstream, when normally damaged cilia can lead to heart disease and hardening arteries.

With snuff consumption leads to reduction of blood flow to other cells in the body are made, particularly the skin, leading to early wrinkles and skin older looking.

Of course, long-term smoking also almost invariably leads to respiratory problems when the air sacs of the lungs are affected. The alveoli are the final branches of the respiratory tree and moving works of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, as part of the gas exchange system. As alveoli do not die and develop new ones, but the new can not be as effective as the original socket before you started smoking.

All these problems will lead to more lung problems that may as a worst case scenario lead to bronchitis, chronic asthma or emphysema obstructive pulmonary disease and a host of other serious diseases and complications.

Of the products of snuff contain nicotine course the process of nicotine addiction as dangerous side affects will be displayed when someone stops participating in smoking. These side affects will show themselves as an irritable behavior, mood swings, concentration lapses, increased stress levels, sleep problems etc etc, all these side affects are put increasing pressure on the person they They want to make a cigarette. At times like these nicotine she shows himself as the true master with the smoker as a slave.

Scientific research has resulted in the estimate that one milligram of nicotine to place on the skin of a rat that can cause death, so imagine if you will what affects inhaled nicotine have on the health of a long-term smoking.

Naturally, prevention have always proved better than cure so you better keep smoking completely as snuff consumption cause oxygen depletion through numerous cells of the body, vital organs and tissues causing you constantly feel weak light and reduce the consumption of snuff is also the main cause of many dental problems and oral cancer.

If you smoke, you do not feel they have left too late to stop – it really is never too late. Health is Dejar De Fumar spend wisely and save if you can.

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