Garlic for Acne - The Aftermath Of Eating Garlic for Acne

There are so many theories about what common foods can cause acne, but everyone reacts differently so that there may be certain foods that you effect, but no other effects. Garlic for acne is highly controversial because some people describe it as effective, while others find causes break outs.

How do you know who to believe when it comes to garlic?

Well, I think you need to consider the garlic in two ways: eating and topical application as an ingredient in a home remedy.
Let’s look at eating garlic.

Sometimes a craving for something you get and you end goes? Well that’s what I did with garlic and not only could smell out of my skin the next day, I also had more acne.

Chinese medicine states that acne is caused by excess heat and moisture in the body. It cools itself through conducting pores causing break outs. So basically all foods that make your body warm (not temperature wise) as onions, peppers, chilies and garlic, acne can continue.

I thought maybe there was a reaction because I could not know that I was allergic to garlic. I had to do tests showed it was not that eating garlic is not a good idea for me if I want acne free skin.

The next time you have an acne out, think of what you ate little and see if it could be the reason for your skin aggravation.

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