Find The Cause Of Your Hair Loss And Stop The Shape Of Your Balding

There are many myths about hair loss and the cause, and it is my objective to give the real reason for losing your hair, and a simple plan to end their bald as soon as possible and have the best chance of regeneration . . .

The real reason you lose your hair

We all know that the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that causes destruction of hair follicles. But what causes DHT is widely misunderstood. In general, the understanding and the myth is that testosterone is what causes the production of DHT. But this is not really right. Is the excess of estrogen that causes overproduction of DHT . . .

To stop your hair loss you need to reduce your estrogen levels. But why do you get high levels of estrogen in the first place?

Toxins. That’s the simple answer. When the liver becomes overwhelmed with toxins, which pass through the liver and converted to estrogen. If this occurs for too long, the estrogen ccontradad becomes excessive . . .

Given that modern civilization is teaming with toxins, such as environmental and cars, it is not surprising that so many people suffer from hair loss. It is also interesting that the cases of hair loss has increased in parallel with the pollution and toxins in the environment (in the past 50 years. )

The solution

This is simple, but effective. You need to

1) increase the ability of your liver to destroy toxins before they are converted into estrogen. To do this, cleansing the liver with a liver cleanse product a few months. This is a fundamental step to stopping hair loss.
2) its best to try to eat more organic foods (which are free of toxins).

Following these two phases of a few months you reduce your estrogen levels back to normal levels, and leave you to produce DHT.

The last step is very important to stop balding. While following the last 2 steps to leave the production of new DHT, DHT is still there that is causing hair loss then. You need to get rid of this ASAP DHT. It uses an agent for the suppression of DHT for a few weeks. There are many more expensive on the market, but you can make at home for a fraction of the cost.
To do this, follow these 3 steps you stop your hair loss as soon as possible, and you give yourself a great chance of regrowing your hair.

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