Faced with synthetic vitamins natural vitamins - Is there really a difference?

Vitamin A is a complex mechanism. It is actually a biological process work functional wheels within wheels, interrelated and independent components. Vitamin A consists not only of organic nutrients such as vitamin identified, but also enzymes,
In short, nature produces what man can not duplicate.
Although chemical analysis is the same, there remains a difference that makes one alive, functional, and the other dormant, inactive, and basically dead. Vitamins synthesized and synthesized vitamin fractions duplicate reflect only part of the actually biologically active vitamin complex. Synthetic products differ from natural vitamins or vitamin products in two basic ways. The product can resemble synthetic natural products in one or more ways, but it is the deficiency and definitely not the same thing. It is a counterfeit. The synthetic product is always simple, isolated, chemical, while the natural product is a complex mixture of related and interdependent and similar materials.

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