Errors Modern medical science (2) - Dualism

If hands or feet are pain, the doctor will probably never ask whether or not their emotions or stress have occurred recently. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, the doctor will probably not consider the conditions of his body and can simply prescribe medications such as antidepressants, to alter your brain chemistry. Modern medical science involved, explicitly or implicitly, that mental problems are not related to the condition of the body and the body are not mental states related diseases.

The main medial theories assume that the mind and body are two separate entities. This is called dualism, which can be traced to the philosophy of French philosopher Ansiedad Descartes in the 17th century This isolation of mind and body leads to a complete separation of the medical professions, such as the sharp division between the neurological, internal medicine surgery and departments.

We can easily find that the problem is with the medical dualism lies in its internal contradiction of scientific assumptions. For example, unlike religion, modern science does not believe in spirituality, and emphasizes that particularly in relation to the medical examination and testing should be physically materialized and observable. However, on the other hand, quite strange, when medical professionals examine mental illness and diseases, ignore the physical characteristics states. Psychoanalytic theory, for example, about anxiety disorders as a purely mental problem rooted in our unconscious. Cognitive-behavioral theory refers to mental anxiety disorders as an issue related to misperceived information, or a simple problem of reasonable thought. These main theories about mental problems as a pure cognitive thought or problem. They are not considered mental shape issues are related to the body.

Therefore, the deeper issue within modern medical theories are the problems of isolation, disconnection, and fixing in the conception of the nature of our body and disease. Medical science does not take into account the fact that the human body is a lifelong process, a systematic set, you can not separate the mind from the body. Our mind is completely dependent and based on the body, and is supported by the body, while the body is controlled by the mind. The mind and body are interconnected and interdependent. They are inseparable in the sense that they are like two sides of the coin – the two sides are two sides of the same coin. It is quite possible that a pain in the body is caused by mental problems such as stress and anxiety, stress and anxiety disorders can be caused by poor body. The mind-body interactions should never be ignored by the disease diagnosis and treatment. The evidence shows that in any double-blind drug test, placebo accounts for 30-65 of the positive effects of treatment. This indicates that our mental factors have a significant impact on the body and disease treatments. Therefore, it is wrong that the mind and body are isolated for medical examination, diagnosis and treatment.

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