Endless Stop Smoking System

The endless quit system program

Smoking – the brief pleasure that kills. Someday you will decide to quit smoking. You know that.
When will it be, now or years from now?

What is holding you back from quitting? One thing: fear. Fear of failure. Fear you not, then, be even more unlikely than ever to kick the habit.

What is the antidote to fear? Knowledge. Know your enemy is an old military truth, which is applicable here. Do not even think about quitting until you have a plan to quit. A solid, sensible plan that has worked for others.

The thing is, what works for one person may not work for you. Therefore, part of your plan should be, should not be, Plan B. This’ s right, a second, different quit smoking program.

Thus the Plan A can not really do, because it is just a warm up, a trial balloon for Plan B. So just happened wholeheartedly in plan A. Do you want me to work, to work, that works. And it will. For a time. Perhaps forever, but we do not care, because we are covered.

If you find a lit cigarette in his mouth in a few days or months, it’s fine. Congratulate yourself. You have managed to X number of days, which has improved their health, he has learned something about you and your habit, which has eliminated most of all toxins from your system.

It is the next step that is critical! Put that cigarette out immediately. You do not have relapses or become a smoker again.

It’s just time to put Plan B in place. And this time it will be much easier without all the withdrawal symptoms. Notes nonsmokers, for whatever product or service you have selected, and . . . choose a Plan C.

You can see the pattern? Always be one step ahead of the habit of snuff.

You never run out of plans to try. Since each is preceded by long, long periods nonsmokers, balanced against a single cigarette smoked in hand, only mcontraene higher profits.

There are all kinds of smoking cessation programs to choose from:

A plant-based concoctions








And that list just scratches the surface. Also within each category there will be other options to fully qualify as a new non-smoking Plan.

So, do a little research, collect their programs and get started. With the endless system for quitting you really can not fail.

Here’s to your happy, healthy, smoke-free future.

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