Dry skin explained

Dry skin, also called xerosis, is a common problem among men and women. This condition usually affects the face, hands, arms and legs and symptoms may include:

A red skin.

The skin becomes ‘tight’ and uncomfortable.

Itching of the skin develops.

Expansion and flaking of the skin, and

The cracks and chapping of the affected area.

Dr shave ten tips on how to prevent and care for dry skin
There are a number of ways to prevent and cure dry skin, these are the most important, remember:
1. Avoid using tap water (especially hot) when cleaning dry skin as dry deposits too fast and the skin can cause dehydration. Instead of using mineral water to clean and freshen your face. There are a number of mineral water based products that can be used for this purpose, however the use of a fog build mineral water is recommended.
2. Avoid the use of hard soaps containing a high level of alkalinity and detergents that dry the skin. Instead of trying to change to a more neutral pH soap and try to use a detergent designed specifically for sensitive skin, especially one that is the smell, the free enzyme and dye.
3. Use a relatively thin moisturizing lotion or cream during the summer and then switch to a thicker oily ointment during the winter.
4. Avoid vigorous use of a washcloth cleaning especially when one is a rough texture. The friction caused by this is especially irritable to the skin.
5. Avoid excessive sunbathing, as it dehydrates the skin considerably. However when, find a shaded area that allows you to you and your skin breaks often of direct sunlight.
6. Increase your consumption of water and essential fatty acids. This keeps your well lubricated and protected from the elements skin.
7. Use the right when shaving products. For example, before shaving apply a pre-shave lotion or gel to prepare the skin, follow the implementation of this (using a good quality brush) shaving cream to the area and then after using a balm then luxury.
8. Stay away from overheated rooms and avoid sudden temperature changes. If this is a common problem of all, try to invest in a humidifier to introduce moisture into the air in your home.
9. In trying to use bathroom and bath oils, this is especially important as the moisture is removed from the skin when dry towel afterwards. Using bath oils allows the skin to retain most of the water that has entered it, and.
10. Remember that your skin needs a lot of background and gentle cleansing, regular stimulation. This should be done with generous amounts of moisturizing massage oil.

Finally do not forget that your skin is fragile and if you take good care of it, have a good care of you!

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