Dry skin brushing - 5 reasons to do it every day

Dry skin brushing provides many health benefits for you and your skin. It is a time-honored practice that is rapidly regaining popularity in the world of all natural skin care.

Important reasons for including the dry skin brushing (OSD) into your daily routine.

It stimulates circulation – OSD can strengthen blood vessels mcontraenen organs, including the skin, healthy and functional. Exfoliated skin – rub away dead skin cells leaving the skin looking dull and clog pores. This also stimulates the growth of new cells. Detoxifies – by cleansing the lymphatic system. Many believe that dry skin brushing points lymphatic system to release toxic build up in the body. Cellulite Reduction – What’s better than this! To improve the health and appearance of the skin, cellulite should be noticeably less visible. The improved circulation also helps maintain strong connective tissue, which in turn rooms outside the additional cellulite formation. Improves the immune system – OSD because it offers all of the above benefits are thought to improve general health and wellness.

While dry skin brushing is not complicated there are some guidelines to follow. To take full advantage of this natural practice of skin care.

Use a natural bristle brush. Synthetic versions may be too harsh on the skin. Do not perform on wet skin. The best time for dry skin brush before a bath or shower. In this way contragua dead skin cells are washed away. Use broad strokes. Try to use always, great or large circular strokes. Always move toward the center to promote best practice. Go slightly. Especially when after this first practice, it is important not to apply too much pressure. As the skin gets used you may want to brush a little more strongly. Not for the face. Dry skin brushing is good for the whole body conditioning, except for the face. The skin is too delicate and thin for this exercise.

Common sense plays a role with all its natural system of skin care. If you have swelling, bruising or sensitive skin, do not use dry skin brushing these areas. If you feel bad not continue.

The benefits of dry skin brushing go far beyond just great. As with all good things are worth, it takes some effort. In general, people see and feel the best results when done daily for about five months. However, you can begin to see a difference in your skin in just a few weeks. Especially if your skin is dry.

It should take about 3-5 minutes to dry skin brush if done on a regular basis. Given all the benefits, this is a small investment of time worth spending.

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