Do your children need to Lose Weight? Could You Be The Reason Why

That could be the boost on some toes here, but after reading a story in the paper yesterday, I knew I had to write about this.

The story told of children who underwent surgery because they were so obese that raised similar to a woman’s breasts. (Obesity is caused by excessive, and not a medical condition).

How can a parent let their child get to a point where they are growing breasts? Not only that, but the document mentions that there are children in the UK as young as two and three years who were overweight! Awesome!

We all know that a healthy diet is the abundance of fruits and vegetables, among other things, right? If all know, why are there so many overweight children out there? Why do so many people need to lose weight?

I have heard countless stories of parents (mostly mothers) who say they give their children junk food because they throw a tantrum if they do not. These parents have never stopped thinking about the damage they are doing to your child by letting them eat this way? Why not just do not buy junk food to none in the house so they can eat? Can it really be that hard?

Unfortunately for many it is. And the reason for that is because many parents can not even eat properly, let alone their children. If you are reading this, now is the time to step up and set a good example for your children – for their sake. Change your diet and exercise habits today!

Allowing a child to become overweight by eating the wrong foods and too much is really cruel. Your child will suffer health problems as they grow and teased at school. Is that really what you want for your child? Of course not!

If you need to lose weight then do it for your children if it were not for you because you are an example to them. Start young and eating habits take into adulthood. If they want to live a happy, energetic, full life, then start your weight loss journey now.

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