Dizzy Spells, almost fall, and Labyrinthitis Virus

After a hectic day of non stop drawing in Times Creme Exhibition (all secretaries and PA – Not bad, eh) I came home exhausted – you might as well expect it after drawing fifty sixty people – and he expected to relax before leaving for the day.

However, my body, as always, had different plans. A strange feeling of anxiety arises, he could not understand and therefore could not sleep.

The next morning I set out for the exhibition independently – after all, I’ve done hundreds of events under similar circumstances sleep-deprived conditions. There is a riotous Cartoon Festival Louviers, meanwhile. I learned to draw continuously, even when very tired.

For the first couple of hours, in fact, I was very tired, but I kept reminding myself of all these other times it could continue independently.

Then the whole head pain inches This ingredient was less comfortable, but I plow. Then – BANG! – Amid drawing someone’s face, I almost fell off my chair with a sudden wave of dizziness.


A virus that affects the inner ear balance mechanism.

I did first six or seven back and took about two to three years to disappear completely. However, I had been warned by the doctor and various internet sites that can be repeated at any time, in varying degrees of severity, especially if the catch when you’re broken down, stressed or affected by the virus to another, such as a cold .

The only prescription medication is an anti-emetic is only effective if it is really vomiting dizziness – mine, fortunately, was never as bad as dictated useless pills.

So, unfortunately, I had to leave the Times Creme Exhibition have done only half of it and headed home, really fast asleep on the train around 3.00pm!

It is one of the inevitabilities of my work live virus or failure will catch me through his work (my first bout Labyrinthintis occurred while I was at a corporate function in Ascot), but fortunately this is only the third time this has happened to me almost 20 years to caricature at parties and events.

A little sweat last night and a better night’s sleep leaves me in much better shape, although not very consistent and confident enough to deal with many fans and admirers will have to be patient to catch me next year show!

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