Diet and Acne - The Truth

In this regard, I will only be covering some basic things. It is important that you understand these basics before learning the treatment.

Many people think that eating fatty food and a diet filled garbage cause acne.
There is much speculation about this. If you eat a slice of pizza, you can get a pimple, but certainly not because oil on the pizza is circulating through your pores. Unless you are rubbing the food directly on the skin, possibly blocking the follicles, junk food is not necessarily causes pimples on your own.

Remember, acne is a clogged pore. Clogs are induced by the sebum (oil) blocking a hair follicle and create an infection. Sebum is the culprit. Sebum and is governed by our hormones and our skin pH balance. In many body types, some junk food can shift this balance and in this sense, junk food can make you more vulnerable to acne.

Food has a direct effect on our hormonal levels and pH balance. Therefore it is important to feed our body with elements that will not increase sebum.

The water is so important in the fight against acne. If you’re not drinking 8 glasses of water a day (a glass is considered to 8 ounces), you are not doing everything they can. When you drink water, dissolve the toxins and sebum levels in the skin. This in turn decreases the levels of bacteria on the skin due to bacteria can no longer feed the oil.

Sugar can increase the likelihood of breakouts due to its effect on the body’s hormone levels. When you eat a ccontradad of sugars and complex carbohydrates, your body releases hormones to control the level in the bloodstream. The surge of hormones sebum production spike and create acne flare-ups.

Learn the foods that control sebum production is only one aspect of natural acne control life. During his fight to cure acne, you will learn that small changes in your diet will produce tremendous results over time.

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