Dermaplaning - Acne Scar Treatment No Recovery Time

For the millions who suffer from acne to spread worldwide, clear skin is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, however, clear skin is not always perfect skin, acne often leaves visible scars. Acne scars are formed when the deep connective tissue layer of the skin, called the dermis, is injured or damaged in any way.
This damage causes the body to start producing collagen, a tough, fibrous protein designed to hold it together while it heals the wound. Sometimes it is overproduced collagen, creating a hypertrophic scar, or has no separate once the wound has healed, creating a depression of scar type. Both types of acne scars can be more evident than one might, mainly because they are not at the same level as the surrounding skin, either too high or too low.

While the scars disappear, this process can take several years, and for some people that may be too long to wait. Topical treatments are useful for shallow scars, but the deeper scars generally seek cosmetic surgery as a more effective form of treatment of acne scar. Laser skin resurfacing is a popular procedure, in part because the doctor is able to see the effects of treatment as it progresses, allowing them to offer a more personal tailored procedure. It was also thought to allow as much of the precision in the treatment of acne scars. So instead of a laser, what about a surgeon who can use a hand knife to resurface the face?

Dermaplaning, similar in concept to dermabrasion, uses a small instrument called a dermatome strong hand gently remove layers of skin. The idea is that the process removes scars and damaged skin, allowing new, healthy, smooth skin and grow in its place. While this may seem kind of scary, it’s actually a very simple and relatively painless says, in fact, reports suggest that there is usually no redness at all procedure! Other positive aspects of dermaplaning include lack of chemicals, short treatment time, immediate results, and the incidental effects of treatment such as removing wrinkles and unwanted hair . . . always a good prize!

Despite all these points, some people still have reservations about using dermaplaning to remove acne scars, the first of which is that it is too soft. Given the recovery time from other forms of cosmetic surgery, the sweetness seems like a good thing, but it has been suggested that similar results can be achieved by the home exfoliators. Another criticism is evident that the face can be so easily nicked during the procedure. There are a few dermaplaning exams and was not able to find any complaint in this regard.

Dermaplaning is very cheap, especially compared to other surgical methods of treating acne scars, and there are many positive aspects to recommend this procedure. The biggest complaint seems to be his sweetness, and in my opinion it is better to start being too soft on your skin that is too rough. If you’re interested, be sure to book a consultation with a acne dermaplaning must be performed by a doctor who would be able to advise you before hand or if the procedure desired changes are not met.

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