Depression and suicide - Why madness is the worst danger in your life

When a depressed teenager commits suicide, this is not surprising, because a teenager can not think sensibly and understand many things. A teenager is too naive and ignorant.

Although this is common in our world, teenage suicide attempts are one of the most striking evidence of the general insanity that prevails in our world.
However, this is not as shocking as suicide attempts in adults, especially if it seems perfectly normal until the day I decided to end their lives.

Family Adults have many responsibilities and obligations, they know very well that should not abandon everyone who depends on them and they must take their depression, no matter what.

However, they are human beings . . . Madness can put in a panic, not knowing what they are doing, they will commit suicide in a barbaric way, regardless of anyone.

Most people think they are far from this end, but nobody knows what the characteristics of their psyche are and how they will react, depending on the pressure you get from your environment and depending on the various unexpected situations ranging to have to face in their lives.

The case of attempted suicide of a dentist I knew, who was 40 and had a baby who was just 4 months old, and seemed satisfied with her second husband (he loved very much), shows clearly to the world that madness can kill anybody, no exceptions.

She seemed perfectly balanced and strong. She was very happy because she had become a mother, from her first husband could not have children and she had the frustration of not having his own son. Her second husband was very kind and showed that their loved much. It was an excellent person, a person that anyone would want as a companion.

His suicide was a big shock for everyone!

Was it caused by postpartum depression?

How could this wise and strong person to leave her son and husband, and all her family and friends, without thinking of the pain that would cause them all?

The study of your case with your husband for a year and a half found out what happened. I interpreted his dreams, which are all about his wife, and talk about all the details of his life, until they saw clearly what the reasons for his suicide and how it was gradually dominated by dementia during life, Despite this domain it was not clear.

This was just one example of billions: more than too many similar cases in our world.

In the past, nobody knew how to prevent depression and madness, and this is the reason why many cases can not be cured before they get to a point where everyone was warning that the person was crazy because to do foolish things.

We could not know in advance that they had a suicidal tendency, and did not know how to stop your brain are affected by total absurdity, even before the first symptoms of madness appearing in their behavior.

Today, thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which is a real surgery within the human psyche, we can predict what the absurd tendencies of each person will be, and prevent depression and madness before any symptoms appear in behavior, mental health garcontrazando his lifetime.

Prevention of dementia is a protection for everyone and is more than necessary for the human being because he inherits a wild conscience, which is, a priori, schizophrenic. Therefore, the human being is already crazy from birth, just because he inherited such content in their psyche.

With the various deceptions and difficulties of life, it is actually pre-determined to finish imprisoned in the maze of madness.

The bitter truth is that only a few people manage to escape the worst throughout his life madness, but many tragic crimes are never known anyone as crazy murderers are very good actors, and this is the reason why no one knows how much terror exists in most people’s lives, or desperately close to suicide it is all.

We feel that we are a balanced society with only a few flaws but we can improve our lives and find a magic solution that allows us to live in peace and happy on earth one day.

This impression is a big illusion, unless everyone goes through psychotherapy, until removing dangerous and evil anti-conscience, the wild side of your brain, to transform it into a positive part of your human side.

If you are a sensible person and who care about their health and safety, and about their happiness and the happiness of your family, you should learn how to prevent dementia before it’s too late and seriously advise their children , spouse, relatives and friends to do the same.

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