Depression And Stuttering

Some disorders tire you emotionally while others are physically tired and stuttering is the first type. Not that the disability has nothing to do with psychology that directly affect basically is a speech disorder. It is the emotional trauma caused by the jokes that takes care of it.
If teasing and taunting occur only rarely, you will not have a major impact on stutterers. But if it happens regularly, initially dented the confidence of the stutterer and eventually could lead to the stutterer into a state of depression. Another reason to enter stutterers depression is lack of self-belief, but angered by his inability to speak fluently.

Depression does not develop over a matter of days, a person is depressed only when a particular issue is of concern to him a considerable amount of time. For stutterers, jokes directed at them to feel useless and embarrassing. They are not able to share these problems and feelings, because I do not think stutterers not be able to understand what they are going through and I also feel that in doing so, expose their weaknesses and make others feel sorry for them.

People who are depressed do not have the habit of sharing their problems with others for fear of being misjudged. This causes to bottle up their feelings, creating a tension within themselves that they are unable to leave. When pressure builds up within them, it develops into severe depression therefore causing attempt suicide. While stuttering is a minor problem, which has led many stutterers to try extreme measures to stop or end its life measures. While the number of suicide attempts stutterer is not higher than those of non-stutterers any way, the reason behind the attempt to stutterers is largely because of his stuttering problem.

If there is a problem that needs immediate attention, it may just be mental depression. Mentally depressed people do not have a steady mind and one can never predict their actions. Stutterers when under depression could act in a dangerous way cause harm to themselves and others around them. Therefore, besides treating them in the right way, your mental well-being must be monitored regularly to avoid unpleasant incidents.

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