Depression and Human Point

When man point moves due to drugs or car accident can cause depression if I moved to the left. Some people throughout their life experience at least one traumatic incident, most experience at least some small traumas as death of a love or a divorce. Some are more serious than others.
Those who are involved in more serious incidents such as car accidents, taking LSD drugs, gun shot nearly never recovering.

After many years of searching, I found a book by Jon whale describing the point of humans. The human point is the point or vortex of energy that our spiritual essence enters our aura that seems like an illuminated egg for those who can see the energy directly. According to Jon whale in his book The catalyst of power, human point can be moved in case of a severe trauma and human point of no return point to its original position after the incident. Humanly it is like a ‘lens’ in which life experience, if the point of human being out of the lineup due to a series of traumas that can find our way in life becomes increasingly difficult, if the lens is shifted to one side, our perception of the world is different, which is why many people after trauma feel that something is different, they feel they can not go back to that same space or mood, unaware that his point moves, he can not feel the same way as before.

But John whale has invented a machine to change the turnaround point, he visits your site. If you can not travel to your clinic, you may like to hire a shaman who have personally used with good results. A shaman not you need to drive home, but to see your energy body during the Dreamtime, these shamans are trained to be aware that they are dreaming and will do energy work. . Other forms of energy healing are Technical use bank transfer or emotional freedom because it works with the body’s energy system, the meridians of the body, is also very effective.

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