Cure Ear Infections Using These Natural Remedies

The official medical term for ear infection is otitis media. The term otitis means inflammation of the media and the media center as the infection occurs in the middle ear. Infants and children are more likely to suffer from ear infections than adults.
Most of the time should not be clear in its on in a few days.

What are the causes of ear infection?

Ear infections are most common in infants and younger children because the Eustachian tubes (narrow passage way that connects the middle ear to the nose) are narrower than an adult or older child and, therefore, it is easily blocked by the fluid in the ear. Ear infections are also more likely to occur during a cold.

Inflammation of the adenoids is another cause. The adenoids are located at the top, near the throat Eustachian tubes. When the adenoids become infected they become enlarged causing obstruction of the Eustachian tubes which can cause infection.

Because the immune system of young children and babies are not fully developed, they are more susceptible to ear infections.

Children exposed to cigarette smoke or other pollutants are at higher risk for ear infections.

It is possible that cold air can also be a factor as ear infections occur more frequently in winter.

Because of recurrent ear infections that may be overlooked is the medication given to your child for ear infections, colds and canyons, such as aspirin, decongestants, Tylenol, antibiotics or other drugs.

Another cause can be air and food allergies.

Ear infection natural cures

Colloidal Silver – Colloidal silver is a natural Orejas Audiencia and can be used both internally and externally. You can put a drop of colloidal silver in the ear twice a day, morning and evening. You may notice improvement in just one hour. If you want to use colloidal silver internally, just follow the directions on the bottle. It is also available as a spray and can be sprayed into the nose to clear the nostrils. This can also help the ear infection.

Tea Tree Oil – You will need to use warm tea tree oil and olive oil. Put five to ten drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of olive oil and mix. Using a dropper to put 2-3 drops in the infected ear twice a day.

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) – Buy grapefruit seed extract in liquid form. Put 3-5 drops of GSE in 1 oz. glycerin or alcohol or both, and stir well. Put 1-2 drops in the affected ear 1-2 times daily. Absolutely they do not use GSE full strength in ears, as it is too strong.

To boost the immune system also will help stop ear infections recur.

Useful diet and lifestyle changes

Avoid processed or packaged foods. Feed your child a healthy diet with lots of foods such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, grains, meat, etc.

Healthy fats such as oil, flaxseed oil, primrose oil, olive oil, borage seed oil, fish oil, organic coconut oil and butter strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. Absolutely stay away from hydrogenated oils found in fried foods, margarine, vegetable oils, peanut oil and soybean oil.

Your child’s diet should be as sugar free as possible. Several studies have shown that sugar significantly suppressed immune system.

Find out if your child has any food allergies and eliminate them from your diet.

Keep your child away from cigarette smoke and other air pollutants such as air to cool and chemically based perfumes, colognes, cleaning supplies, etc.

Most ear infections will heal by themselves and usually do not need antibiotics, but here are some warning signs you should watch for high fever, stiff neck, lethargy and abnormal mental function. Take your child to a doctor immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

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