Control Your Panic Attacks With 3 Easy Steps

If you or a loved one is suffering from panic attacks, you should not feel alone. More than 15 million Americans currently have the disease.

To summarize, panic attacks are caused by various symptoms related to anxiety about an event.

As a patient you may experience different symptoms, some of these may include palpitations, sweating, malaise, inability to cope and feeling overwhelmed. Something that should comfort panic attack sufferers is that there are several remedies available that have been tested panic attack sufferer worldwide.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you bring your panic under control:

1. Check your breathing

You need to practice controlling your breathing. Focus on taking deep breaths. Breathe in and out and hold for at least 4 seconds. This will help bring their levels of general anxiety of law.

2. Muscle relaxation

Lie on the floor. From the soles of his feet, they focus on different parts of your body. You must spend at least 10 seconds to focus your mind on each body part. Combine this with deep breathing and you feel your lower levels of anxiety.

3. Take yourself out of the situation

Sometimes all you need to control a panic attack is to eliminate the situation itself. On steps 1 and 2 will help you do this if you have privacy.

If you are at work or around other people just listening to your MP3 player or call a friend for a few minutes you can help you rid of your panic attack.


The above steps are expected to help control your panic attacks. Do not stress if this is not enough, there are many different panic attack treatment programs and courses available to help you cure your panic attacks without medication.

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