Choose a moisturizer for skin with acne

People who suffer with skin, acne my being a little apprehensive about putting moisturizer on your face because they fear could clog your pores and cause more break outs.

It is true that moisturizers can clog your pores, but if a few simple rules are followed then you will know what is best for your skin.
Find out what type of skin you have for you to buy a moisturizer designed for that type of skin. If not using moisturizer right then you could aggravate your skin instead of cleaning.
2. This advice goes for all skin types. Look for hypoallergenic products. These are designed to be suitable for all skin types to avoid allergic reactions.
3. The essential oils are effective products to moisturize. It is a natural way to nourish the skin and fight bacteria that cause acne.
4. Products that contain essential oils, but are free from any other oils are best. The man made oils tend to clog your pores because they are not naturally like the oils in their skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural lubricant produced by the body to remain on the lookout for moisturizing products containing this ingredient.

Glycerin is popular ingredient in products for skin care. The main reason is because it attracts moisture to your skin to keep it healthy and efficient functioning.

Other natural ingredients to see if they jojoba and lanolin. These are similar to sebum (oil) excretes their skin to stay moisturised and healthy.

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