Checklist to help identify depression

Millions of people worldwide suffer from depression each year. The effects of depression can be mild to severe depending on the type of depression the person is suffering. It is mandatory to identify the signs and symptoms of depression, so it can be treated early.
A checklist for depression always helps you identify the symptoms of depression. A checklist for depression always good to identify the symptoms of depression for you to live a healthy life free from all sorts of tensions. Here is the list that you can follow to identify depression:
1. Sleep problems such as insomnia or hypomania. Symptoms of these disorders are insomnia or too much sleep.
2. Lack of appetite, you can eat too much or too low, because you can put a lot of weight or lose large amount of weight.
3. Anxiety, sadness, or empty mood is also one of the symptoms that a depressed person usually experiences.
4. Decreased interest or enjoy entertainment activities.
5. The fatigue and irritation is also a very common symptom seen in patients.
6. You may face persistent physical problems that typically do not respond to treatment, such as pain in various parts of the body, especially the head or stomach.
7. You may find it hard to concentrate on everyday tasks. You also get memory week. You tend to stay away from your daily work routine.
8. Fatigue or loss of energy is also another symptom checklist of depression.
9. Negative thoughts start developing in his mind.
10. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and hopelessness.
11. Thoughts of suicide may also occur in your mind. In fact for many patients they have committed suicide because of depression.
12. Sexual problems such as rejection (for women), erectile (in men), and decreased interest in sexual intercourse are also symptoms of depression.
13. You could get addicted to alcohol or drugs, etc.
14. His view on the outside world changes completely.

If a person has more than five to six of the above symptoms and suffering for over two weeks ago after a serious need for action, because the person exhibiting these symptoms might be suffering from depression. In these cases it is mandatory for sufferers to see a specialist so that the severe effects of depression can be avoided. After identifying the symptoms of the help of the checklist, the next step you should take is to consult with your family doctor or specialist for depression so that a good treatment plan can be prepared to treat depression. It has been seen that people largely depend on alcohol to get rid of depression and end up conditions even more dangerous. People need to realize that alcohol has sedative that only increase the chances of depression to get worse. Keep a regular check on the list is the best way to deal with the dangerous mental illness called depression.

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