Chair Massage Health Growing Trend

How many of you have noticed the growing trend in malls, airports, train stations, department and specialty stores and even your best friends house Massage Chair? They seem to be everywhere now days are almost always in use. People of all ages are feeding the plush chair ticket sales dollar as a pleasure to video game.

This new health trend is sweeping Japan, Europe and now has infiltrated the US.
UU. with dozens of models and price ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. A recent article in LA Times described as his father La-Z-Boy, and that is an understatement for sure.

If any of you have had a style of Shiatsu massage is similar to getting rolled into a dark ally by a couple of thugs take out their frustrations on the back. But man do you feel better the next day.

No wonder that a massage as health practice has been around for thousands of years. It’s actually massage that lead to the emergence of acupuncture and acupressure in the Far East as early as 6000 BC and has been continuously refined since.

Medical professionals have noted that there is a particular cell type under the skin. This cell normally sits idle, however when kneaded or massage, this cell becomes stimulated. Once awakened, this cell enters the bloodstream and develops into a grid cell, which can significantly strengthen the body’s immune functions and increase the resistant ability of the human body disease.

Today, massage chairs, through computer technology, can actually feel the size and shape of each individuals back and with different degrees and types of massage acupressure points on back users neck, legs and feet, even to produce a human amazing as massage.

Stimulation of these acupressure points has been shown to help masaj digestion, insomnia, headaches, circulation, fatigue, muscle cramps, fibromyaligia and even effect endorphin levels that produce a heightened emotional state, which is what usually I happen when a massage, even a poor.

After trying several of the massage chairs are on the website above I can say that this new massage chair trend is probably here to stay. It is very similar to the TV, microwave and cell phones now. Once you have one, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

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