Calcium citrate - A great choice for calcium supplementation

Many people recognize the vital calcium as regular maintenance of the body nutrient. In fact, the body contains more calcium than any other mineral. Calcium citrate salt is calcium citrate and, in contrast to other forms of calcium is the basis acid.
It has many uses. In addition to its health benefits, it can be used as a preservative, a flavor, and even a water softener.

How calcium citrate function in the body?

It is involved in various important functions of a healthy body. For example, calcium is essential for good bone health. Taking as a supplement may help prevent bone loss. It contributes to heart, nervous normality, and muscle function. Since calcium deficiency can be potentially serious, supplementing a healthy diet with calcium citrate can be a good way to avoid possible bad results of that lack of calcium.

I should take?

Calcium citrate is a good option for people whose daily calcium needs go beyond the ccontradad you get in a normal diet. This would include pregnant or lactating women, postmenopausal women, children and adolescents.

I should not take it?

Although beneficial, it is not for everyone. As with all medications and dietary supplements, patients should consult their doctors before taking any medication on a regular basis. It can cause problems for people who have parathyroid gland disease or who have had kidney stones in the past. This does not mean that those people should definitely avoid. His story simply indicates the potential risks. Taking certain other drugs could mean that calcium citrate is not
for you. Patients taking vitamin D supplements, antacids containing aluminum or calcium or digoxin may need a dose that only a medical professional should indicate. This short list of medicines that interact badly with calcium citrate is certainly not exhaustive. For this reason, doctors should always be approached for guidance and advice before taking regular doses of calcium citrate.

Possible side effects

As with all medications and dietary supplements, which involves certain risks and possible side effects. Although not observed in all patients, some negative side effects have been documented. These include constipation, below normal appetite, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, and increased urination. If any of these unpleasant effects are experienced, the person must meet a doctor. A rare but serious side effect is also possible. An allergic reaction to calcium citrate can cause hives, prevent breathing by closing the throat causing swelling of the face, tongue and lips. It is important to be aware of potential risks and in order to get the best results for your health.

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