Breast Infection In Front Of Allergies

Sinus infection means inflammation of the sinuses. By contrast, allergies are caused by overexposure of the immune system to harmless substances such as pollen or the wrath of wood. Sinus infections and allergies are two sides of the same coin.
Are similar, but yet different in many ways. Both diseases affect millions of people. Researchers estimate that 37 million people in America suffer from sinus infection each year and around 32 million allergies. Let’s have a look on the differences of sinus infections and allergies.

Many of the symptoms of infection in the sinuses and allergies are the same as stuffy or runny nose and watery eyes. But there are some symptoms that are different. Fever, sore throat, muscle aches and colored mucus generally indicate sinus infection. Moreover, sneezing and itching occurs due to the exposure of particles such as dust, pollen of flowers, wood suggest rabies allergy.

Sinus infection symptoms persist for longer. It can be cured after a complete review of a specialized doctor. Whereas, allergy symptoms tend to disappear when a person is out of irritants such as animals, flowers, wood, etc.
Sinus infection can occur at any time and in any season. Once a person is affected from it, then he should try to cure immediately. But not so in allergies. Allergies come to an end automatically after the fall of a season.

The next difference is the color of mucus. In sinus infection, is the thick mucus and usually colored. Whereas, thin, white mucus present in allergies.

People with allergies can often control their symptoms with antihistamines. You can even get an allergy test that perfectly say about the causes of reactions. This will help avoid irritants. With sinus infection, people have to take prescribed medications and other home treatments to cure the infection completely.

These are some of the differences between infections of the sinuses and allergies. This could eliminate the confusion of mind of people. If patients still have some doubts about these diseases, then you should seek help from professionals.

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