Best Concealer - 3 Tips For Proper Application Of Makeup To Hide Acne Damaged Skin

Makeup serves a purpose to create an illusion. Makeup can create the illusion of perfect skin, a smaller nose, bigger eyes and soft lips. However, when random makeup is used as a beauty tool, you can zoom wrinkles deepen the appearance of scars and make your pores look like moon craters.
In three easy steps, you can use the real power of makeup to conceal acne properly damaged skin.

1. Prepare your skin with moisture

When working with makeup, your skin is your canvas. Before applying makeup, you want your canvas clean and moisturized. One trick for smoother makeup application is to use a combination of roses and vitamin E oil mist moisture. To do this, fill February 1-oz spray bottle with pink and then drop five to ten drops of vitamin E oil in a bottle. Place the spray tip in the jar, shake the contents for 30 seconds so that the oil is evenly distributed and then spray mist. You can get all these items for less than 10 at your local drug store.

2. Get the right liquid foundation

The foundation is called foundation of critical reason. If you give the wrong foundation, no matter what you do to your skin, your makeup will still look bad. This is what I mean. You need to match based not only your skin tone, but also the texture of your skin and your need for concealment of skin damage.

For example, you have their very foundations, which are ideal for people who have virtually flawless skin. Then you have semi-matte foundation for people who just want to tone down a few age spots or freckles scattered across her face.

Then full coverage matte foundations. Opting for this type of base if they are guilty of caking on its trademark to hide imperfections. Using mate foundation total seat allows a thin layer of makeup while considering unwanted imperfections skin.

3. Take the makeup off completely

Once you have enjoyed a full day of successfully hiding spot, it is now time to completely remove makeup. The easiest way to know your skin is cleaned and the composition is really gone, is that you should really feel your skin breathe again. You can remove makeup without stripping your skin along using a square of cotton and Hamamelis. Saturate the square with witch hazel and smooth on your face. Once done, the square of cotton should not collect makeup. This cleaning step will also help prevent new stains from skin.

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