Asthma Camp for Kids

Parents of asthmatic children are often nervous about letting their children participate in outdoor activities, especially summer camp. The leaders of these activities often are equally ambivalent about let these kids involved and consider too medically fragile. Children can feel isolated and different than non-asthmatics and become reluctant friends to participate in active sports and more game types.
A great solution is to have your child participate in the camp of asthma, a special program to help teach your child how to manage their asthma in a safe and fun atmosphere.

There are about 120 asthma camps throughout the country and is mainly sponsored by the American Lung Association that serves approximately 10,000 children per year. They are staffed by volunteer doctors and professionals with special training and interest in asthmatic children. Most have relatively low camper fees and often have camper scholarships available. Published in the December 2007 edition of the journal Studies Annals of Allergy and Immunology found that children who attend camps asthma have a lower incidence of emergency room doctor office visits after camping experience.

Children participate in an educational program that teaches them what asthma is, how to identify and avoid your triggers and how to use a metered dose inhaler and a nebulizer. They learn how to use a peak flow meter and establish a plan of action for the safety and efficacy respond to changes in respiratory status. The emotional and social aspects of asthma are also discussed and children learn they are not alone. Of course, children also participate in the common field of fun activities including hiking, crafts, swimming, boating, fishing and horseback riding.

A parent class also includes asthma self-management skills that their children have learned at camp and how they can promote and encourage these skills at home is summarized. Parents learn how to keep their children healthy and active and be able to solve problems when they occur. Some psychological aspects of parenting children with asthma also examined.

Asthma is controllable and treatable, and that children are taught to handle can be healthier, safer and more independent. Parents learn to promote these skills to their children find their lives are less disturbed and feel less isolated and stressed too.

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