Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attack

In today’s society anxiety disorders they are understood and effectively diagnosed and treated than at any other time in human history. These disorders are debilitating and can lead to other diseases such as substance abuse, depression, and other mental illness called agoraphobia. The treatments are effective and have cured many who suffer from anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. Unlike in past centuries, today is more socially understood. Patients should seek help. It is induced by fear and it can seriously suffer mental and physical trauma.

For many, panic attacks are the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced. It is sudden and usually caused by an unreal or imagined threat. Some symptoms are tightening chest, hyperventilation, rapid pulse, intense fear or a feeling that something bad is about to happen. Many feel they are having a heart attack and dying. Symptoms usually last 10 minutes at times. It becomes a disorder when this happens repeatedly, not just once or twice in a lifetime.

Other disorders are associated with panic attacks. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is generally a prerequisite for panic attacks. If the problem persists, agoraphobia and can become involved. Interpreted as a fear of the market the person avoids situations or places were panic attacks that feel embarrassed or caught. This is usually in the open and in public. Agoraphobia may occur without having panic attacks. Social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder have symptoms similar to agoraphobia.

If someone has too many things to worry about at least six months, which may have GAD. In contraguos times anxiety is believed that only the nerves and stress and is only a women’s issue. Today we know that GAD is more than nerves and stress and that can happen to men and women. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety than men.

The exact cause of anxiety disorders are not well defined. It could be related to the generic inheritance. If a family of people have a history of anxiety disorders than it is more likely to have it themselves. Anxiety disorders occur more frequently in adolescents, but can occur at any age. Background, physical and mental abuse may also be a cause. Trauma can also cause anxiety. The anxiety stems from the fear that anything associated with fear can be a trigger for an anxiety disorder. In the 19th and 20th century laxatives anxiety medication he was prescribed because it was thought to be caused by toxins in the intestines.

The treatments are out there. No medication is best prescribed by a doctor and then there’s therapy. There are professionals that therapy can be prescribed by a doctor or self-help therapy there people like Charles Linden, Joe Berry and John Mercer. Anxiety can be cured. Patients may put get the help they need and put your anxiety behind them.

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