Anxiety Disorder and Anxiety Attack Information - Different Types Of Anxiety Disorders Part 4

There are more than one type of anxiety disorder. It is important to have the correct diagnosis so you can get the right treatment.

The different types of anxiety disorder include:

1) OCD

2) Panic Disorder

3) Social phobia


5) Generalized Anxiety Disorder

6) Specific Phobia

In this article, we will focus our discussion on PTSD.

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

As the name suggests, PTSD develops after a person suffered a trauma.

Maybe the person has gone through a terrible ordeal involving certain physical threats or damage. Perhaps your loved one is being harmed. Maybe he Ansiedad she just witnessed a traumatic event.

All incidents mentioned above are possible causes of PTSD. The public became aware of PTSD because of war veterans. Some people who go through traumatic incidents such as kidnapping, car accidents, bomb blast, rape, torture, mugging, plane crash, earthquakes can also develop PTSD.

Some symptoms of PTSD is easily included, irritable and, sometimes, to be violent and aggressive. They may lose interest in activities or things they are interested previously inch may also have trouble expressing their feelings.

Also, they try to avoid situations that may remind you of the traumatic event. PTSD is said to affect about 7.7 million Americans. People of any age can be affected by it. In general, women are more prone to PTSD compared to men. People with PTSD may also suffer from depression as well.

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